Saturday, October 25, 2014

Decorating For Christmas With Stuff Around The House

Using items around your house as Christmas decor is both fun and inexpensive!

 Today I used this wooden spool, 

And these small, wooden thread spools to make a cute little rustic, Christmas vignette.

 I used green burlap ribbon and this wooden star to make a Christmas tree out of the tall spool.  I first painted the star with a gold color craft paint, distressed it with sandpaper, and then brushed on some steel wool and vinegar stain.

Easy Wooden Spool Christmas Decor
First, I purchased two and half yards of green burlap ribbon.  Then, I tied on four lengths of ribbon.  I started with a pre-cut  12 1/2" ribbon on the bottom, and then just tied on the others and cut them just about a half inch shorter than the ribbon below it on each side after they were tied on.  It's much easier to tie the ribbons when they are longer, so I didn't pre-cut.  Next, I simply tucked one point of the star in the hole on top of the spindle. 

Then for the thread spools, I pulled the paper labels off of the spools, at least most of the label.  Then, I brushed on some of my vinegar and steel wool stain on each end.

I always have a jar with white vinegar and a couple of steel wool pads inside.  This stain produces a gray weathered look.

When the stain on the spools was dry, I wound ribbon in reds, greens, and tans and one pom pom trim ribbon around the spools.  I glued the ribbons to the spool at the beginnings and ends.  Here they are displayed in a vintage canning jar.

Easy Wooden Spool Christmas Decor
Do you like to decorate with items around the house?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Repurposed Tea Strainer Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here are a couple more inexpensive ideas for Christmas decorating with things you have around the house.  Today I am re-purposing tea strainers as tree ornaments.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Re-purposed Drawer Plant Stand

 My plant stand started with this drawer purchased for $5 at a consignment shop.

 This white pedestal was purchased for $7.50 at an antique shop. (And already painted white.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cheap Felt Ornament Upcycle

While browsing through Christmas decor at Menard's last week, I spotted these red felt clothespin moose ornaments for $2.99.


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